New Mahindra Scorpio 2022 – Reviewed for You

New Mahindra Scorpio 2022 Review

Mahindra has unveiled Next Generation Scorpio 2022 model. When is the Release Date, what will be the price and what will be the features of the New Scorpio-N Model, let’s discuss this in this article.

Mahindra Scorpio 2022 Review

The Scorpio-N, also codenamed the Z101, will coexist with the current generation Scorpio and there are many reasons for that. One could be that maybe even though Mahindra has seen success with the Thar and then now with the XUV 700, they may still not be sure how it’s going to turn out to be and Scorpio is or has been a strong selling model so they would want to have that. They will not have all the eggs in one basket.

No Side Facing Seats

The way this New Mahindra Scorpio 2022 has evolved it’s more a tier 1 and tier 2 kind of product and you would want or Mahindra would want something in the tier 2 tier 3 markets because Mahindra is strong in those markets. There aren’t a lot of products available and you want something hardy and affordable and that’s where I think the current Scorpio would continue. Also, the new Scorpio will not get jump seats at the back. Essentially Mahindra is or has been talking about five-star ratings. They had the Mahindra Thar with the jump seats or side-facing seats which they removed because they wanted a higher star rating in the global end cap and now everything is front-facing. Similarly, on the new Scorpio, the last row will now be front-facing.

I’m not sure whether Mahindra thought about that right at the start because given that it like the current generation Scorpio has a side-opening door with low entry. Probably, they had jump seats in mind and then I think the GNCAP is now playing a big role and so that’s where it exists. But this not having jump seat I mean it’s anecdotal but the fact is that some politicos or some small businessmen in small markets or cities, towns would want some sort of protection and they would have people with guns or rifles and that’s the place that they would want to sit because then they can hold the rifle like that and there is space on top. But this is of course anecdotal and so there are various reasons why the current Scorpio will continue with the new one.

Mahindra Scorpio 2022 Interior

And now what we know about the new one is that the design is a significant departure from the current generation Scorpio so all the butch or rawness that we saw or we see in the current generation Scorpio, the hood scoop, for instance, is not there on the new one. The side cladding, those huge pronounced wheel arches they’re all missing. Now you’ve got a much cleaner much more premium outlook on the new Scorpio and it seems to have borrowed more from the Alturas than it has from the Scorpio.

More Premium Look

And so clearly the indication is that Mahindra wants to look at a more upmarket, more premium, more urban bio with the Scorpio. Other bits that we’ve seen in the teaser videos that have come out is that it’s going to have a buff front end, it’s going to be a big car, it’s gonna have a ladder platform so it’ll have clearance. It’ll be hardy in that sense and that is what we know about the new Scorpio which is out there. Now we’ll tell you what we think it will have when it comes out.

More Comfort Equipment On Board

Let’s start with the interiors – Again what we’ve seen with the Thar and XUV, clearly there is a focus on improving the ergonomics of the cabin, and the quality and there is a focus on having more comfort equipment on board. And all that we will see, we’ll probably see more tech in terms of equipment as well on the inside so that’s a good thing. And I think the New Mahindra Scorpio 2022 will be more towards the XUV in terms of premium feel rather than the Thar. Thar is still a lifestyle off-road-ish vehicle, while the Scorpio is being targeted as a family car meant for the road. So we’ll see the look and feel of the interiors, the quality of the air goes more in what we see in the XUV than the Thar. Space-wise it’s a bigger car now. So and it’s got front seating, front-facing last seats so we will have enough and more space.

New Mahindra Scorpio 2022 Interiors

We’ve seen that with the older Scorpio it’s got a really short dashboard and in terms of space management it wasn’t very good. This one we expect the space management to be much better than the existing car and that should help when people want to just transport maybe five people or seven. So that’s a good thing, otherwise, interiors in terms of what you’ll have the space, the sense of space, the glass area, all that would be as big or as spacious or that feeling of space would continue as it is on the current scope. Now in terms of drive trains we’ve seen the Thar and the XUV 700 share the same drivetrains and that’s what’s going to happen here. Of course, the New Mahindra Scorpio 2022 will be a body on ladder frame. The XUV 700 is a monocoque so the XUV uses the transverse engine layout and front-wheel drive. This one, of course, will use the longitudinal engine layout and of course rear-wheel drive. So again it will be harder than the XUV in a sense that if you throw it over difficult surfaces the Scorpio would probably do better. But the XUV also, we’ve seen, we’ve taken it a little off-road and it works even in front-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive of course works better than that.

New Mahindra Scorpio 2022 Dashboard

Now the Scorpio like the XUV and the Thar will come with a 2-liter petrol four-cylinder. It’ll also get the 2.2 diesel engine. The diesel version is quiet, it’s refined and it will be mated with a six-speed manual and a six-speed torque converter both good gearboxes. And diesel is the one if you’re gonna spend a lot of time on the road. Even within the city if you’re going to use it for commute maybe 2000 kilometers a month or something then the diesel is the one to go for. The petrol is a beautiful engine too but it will give you fuel efficiency figures in the single digits. So it’s not the engine you want to buy if you are going to be spending a lot of time driving. But if you’ve got short commutes, if you don’t use the car often, then the petrol makes a lot of sense because it’s almost like an electric, it’s smooth, there’s so much torque whenever you want power to get it through or overtakes or just get involved in driving that engine is beautiful. We’ve seen that in the XUV we’ve seen that in the Thar and it works on both. So that’s how you’d want to differentiate and the New Mahindra Scorpio 2022 will also get four-wheel drive now. We’ve seen that in them that it’s got a manual lever. This, we probably feel, will get an electronic switch instead of the lever because you’re looking at a more premium more finesse on the Scorpio compared to the other so that’s what we think of the drivetrains. Essentially rear-wheel drive for the Scorpio, four-wheel drive as an option on the top-spec versions, petrol, diesel, manual, auto, all of that will come in.

We told you about the interiors that’s how the new Scorpio is going to be. That’s what our expectation is. But nothing of whatever we’ve told you in this segment has been confirmed by Mahindra. But you can see the indications are all there.

Pricing of New Mahindra Scorpio 2022

And now let’s talk about who should consider buying the new Scorpio. But before that let’s give you an idea about where it’s going to sit and how it’s going to sit not just in the Mahindra portfolio but overall. So, Mahindra has been saying that it’s the Big Daddy of SUVs. It’s gonna sit in the D segment. Now the Big Daddy in terms of hierarchy, in the Mahindra family, will continue to be the XUV 700. So that’s gonna sit on top and then you’ll have the Scorpio then, of course, the Thar and there will, of course, be an overlap between the Scorpio higher-spec versions and let’s say the AX3 versions from the XUV 700. We’re expecting a realistic price of between maybe 14 to 15 lakhs starting for the new Scorpio going up to 18 – 19 lakhs. So it’s not cheap but surprisingly they’ve even the existing Scorpio which we thought is a more rudimentary product for lack of a better term starts also at over 13 lakhs. So clearly Scorpio as a brand is an expensive brand for what it is.

This one, of course, might deliver more so that’s where it’s gonna sit in the Mahindra family. But now with we hearing that Innova might move to a more car-like front-wheel-drive layout. It opens up another segment of a premium hardy product for people. Let’s say you’re again a business owner your factory is far away or you go through rough roads more often. You’d want something that can take that sort of abuse and it can transport you in comfort. Maybe that’s where the new Scorpio will fit in. So D segment is what they’re saying segment would mean. It goes right up against the XUV 700. So the perception or they want to create probably Mahindra wants to create that and then price it lower and make it a sweeter deal in that sense.

Why Should You Buy the New Mahindra Scorpio 2022 ?

So why should you buy the New Mahindra Scorpio 2022 ? If you want a little more machismo in your life in terms of that’s what you want to convey and you’re okay not having a car-like appeal because a body on a ladder frame SUV will have the jiggles when it goes over the poor road. You’ll have that sort of lack of body control that you get in a monocoque SUV. So you’re looking at something that’s the slightly old school you want to convey to the world that yes I have the much more it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman that can be conveyed to that and for people who are clear or more focused about what they need from the car would understand and buy the Scorpio. The general buying public who just want an SUV would look at the XUV 700 because it’s just going to be easier to drive and live with. So that’s where we think the new Scorpio is going to fit in. In terms of pricing, in terms of product position and where it is and who should consider buying it so, this is all that we can bring to you about the new Scorpio as of now. It should be unveiled sometime in June and when it does then we’ll have more information for you so that’s it from us, for now.


How much price of New Mahindra Scorpio 2022 ?

The price of New Mahindra Scorpio 2022 may vary from 13 Lakh to 19 Lakh.

What is the launch date of New Mahindra Scorpio 2022 in India?

The Launch date of New Mahindra Scorpio 2022 is 27th June 2022.

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