Nokia G50 : Most affordable 5g Handset – Reviewed for You

Nokia G50 Reviews

Nokia G50 Reviews

This is the Nokia G50 the brand’s most affordable 5g handset yet. Which is retailing around the globe for just under Rs. 23245/-. So, would it be the right choice for you, let’s find out in terms of Nokia’s lineup. The Nokia G50 sits somewhere alongside the X10 and is a huge step above the G20.

Nokia G50 5G Design and Build :

The phone doesn’t exactly look very cutting edge from the front, with a chunky bottom bezel and a v-notch turn it around though. And in the back the ocean blue colour is stunning and honestly, it’s quite mesmerizing to just look at it once it reflects light.

Nokia G50 Reviews

The other highlight of the design is that the display blends seamlessly into the frame. Pretty cool the design does remind me of the Nokia 7.2. just much bigger, which is why handling the Nokia G50 daily is a whole other beast. This phone is huge. It has a gigantic 6.82-inch display and is probably the tallest device I’ve ever used till now. Thankfully it’s not as wide as the Nokia X10 or the Nokia X20, which makes the size a bit more manageable to handle. Your brain adjusts to the size pretty quickly and it feels nice and sturdy in the hand it’s made out of matte plastic everywhere which is quite practical.

The in-hand feel is a highlight of this device and at 220 grams of weight feels evenly distributed. The side-mounted fingerprint scanner is also pretty easy to reach and it’s not super quick but pretty reliable. And the hardware does offer some nice legacy features such as a 3.5-millimetre headphone jack and an SD card slot if you want to expand the memory. I also want to highlight that up to 96% of the materials used to build the Nokia G50 can be retrieved as either material or energy. So good job on Nokia mobile for focusing on sustainability which matters. What I don’t like about the Nokia G50 is the haptic engine, I don’t feel like it’s refined enough to my liking. Now Nokia highlights four key selling points of the Nokia G50. So let’s talk about them,

Nokia G50 5G Display :

The first is the large display and yes they’re definitely, not kidding, it’s huge. But the huge display has a 720p resolution, which means that it’s not exactly the sharpest around and you will notice this if you stare at your home screen icons up close. When scrolling through the interface or watching content it’s a lot less noticeable. If you want to know if this will bother you or not switch any youtube video from 1080p to 720p.

Now thankfully the display does have nice punchy colours, good contrast and even nice viewing angles and it’s perfectly usable outdoors. It also gets quite dim too if you’re watching content in a pitch-black room. Overall I would say this display is easy on the eyes and the single bottom-firing speaker is pretty loud which helps with the overall multimedia viewing experience on the device.

Global 5G Bands :

The second key selling point is 5g. So the Nokia G50 doesn’t skimp out on any of the global 5g bands which means that for the foreseeable future you’ll still be able to get excellent network speeds and reception no matter where you go and I have had no issues with the signal reception, and the call quality is nice and clear.

48 Megapixel Main Camera :

The third key selling point of the Nokia G50 is the 48-megapixel main camera. The phone does have two other cameras on the back – a 2-megapixel depth sensor and a 5-megapixel ultrawide camera. But to save your time I’m going to focus on the 48-megapixel main camera, as it’s the key highlight as the others are pretty much very basic. And I’m happy to say that it managed to exceed my expectations, especially considering the price point.

Nokia G50 Camera Reviews

It captures bright and punchy images with a strong HDR effect by default. This means that the images will look satisfying to most people and even the sharpness and the resolved details are also decent. If you’re looking for a more authentic experience then switching HDR definitely helps a bit. Image processing in general is a matter of preference and this one is tuned to be more of a crowd teaser rather than trying to get you the most realistic output. So you would know if this is your type of thing or not. Using night mode to capture low light images was a pleasant surprise but it’s not without its faults.

The phone manages to capture a decent amount of light even in very difficult situations. The issue I have with it is the slow focus, especially in dark situations and might lead to blurry images if you’re not attentive. As for video quality, the maximum resolution you can capture is 1080p. So if your work requires you to capture 4k footage this phone won’t do. But the 1080p video captured with this phone is pretty good and has nice software stabilization. Even the audio quality captured is decent.

Another pleasant surprise was the selfie camera. Yes, on paper 8 megapixels for the front-facing camera seems pretty weak but the phone does a lot of processing to make sure that both you and your background are both nicely lit. The result is selfie images that look pretty well most of the time and the front-facing camera even has software stabilization for videos.

Nokia G50 Battery Life :

The fourth and final key selling point of the Nokia G50 is the battery life. The phone comes with a generous 5,000 Mah battery capacity and based on my testing it does last you up to two days of moderate usage, which is exactly as advertised. In terms of numbers, you’re looking at up to 11 hours of screen on time using wi-fi and up to seven hours of screen on time using cellular networks. In my testing, I had two sim cards in the phone as well as having Bluetooth and location permanently on.

One unique aspect of the Nokia G50 compared to the rest of the Nokia lineup is the super battery saver mode and this one takes extreme measures to ensure that your Nokia G50 lasts for as long as possible. Either way, even without it the Nokia G50‘s battery life is excellent. In terms of software, the Nokia G50 runs on Android 11 as a part of the android one program. If you’re an existing Nokia user you would know exactly what this means. If you’re not this is a very stock Android experience that relies on google for features as well as services. Now the disadvantage of using this approach is that you’ll get noticeably fewer customization options and fine-tuning over the OS. The advantage of this is that it’s pretty lightweight which means that it should offer you a smooth and quick user experience and remain quick for a longer period.


And I’m happy to report that the performance of the Nokia G50 is a highlight. It’s easy to live with and won’t frustrate you in terms of performance. The G50 runs on the snapdragon 480 platform and my unit has 6 gigs of RAM. This might not be the most powerful chipset around, but the combination of a stock lightweight experience, using fast memory and only having to move around 720p pixels of resolution does result in a very pleasant user experience. And even when it comes to gaming the phone is capable of playing games such as Call of Duty, PUBG, and Asphalt 9 in high graphical settings without any issues. It also managed to remain nice and cool even after 30 minutes of gaming, which means that the heat management on this device is doing its job. I don’t remember the G50 ever getting warm in my hands. So that’s Good! Now Nokia mobile is promising two OS updates for the Nokia G50 and three years of security updates which is a nice bonus if you plan on keeping your phone for a longer period.

So let’s conclude, by now you should know if the Nokia G50 5G is the type of device that would appeal to you or not. My own experience of using the device for the past two weeks as my daily driver has been satisfactory. It offered me a hassle-free experience, which I think the G Series of devices from Nokia is trying to aim for, and why I would easily recommend this phone to a non-techie user. Not exactly the most exciting device out there but does the basics well.

Nokia G50 Price in India

Nokia G50 price in India is expected to be Rs. 19,949. This is 4 GB RAM / 64 GB internal storage base variant of Nokia G50 5G

What is the launch date of Nokia G50 in India

The expected launch date of Nokia G50 5G is March 10, 2022.


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